Build designs and building tips.

Example gacha setup:

Things you need to prepare to get your gacha pair working:

  • 2x Gacha
  • 6x Snow Owl
  • 60 * 300 metal

If you want more pairs (example: gacha tower) you need to put them in 12 foundation distance and 22 walls vertically between each pair.

Gacha produce

Make sure your Gacha have more than 160% crafting skill and you are ready to go. It can eat 1500 metal per hour using Snow Owl pellet. You can expect around 120 crystal during this time. Most of them should be capped with 180 element dust. Open them and keep items from them in some vault so you can grind them when you want Organic Polymer.

Most value resources to collect with gacha are Element Dust and Black Pearl.

Video tutorial