Build designs and building tips.

Warning! Don't use on servers with BattleEye. Due to Official Servers update some players might get ban. Use on your own risk.

1. Choose crosshair:

Find and download crosshair you would want to use. It has to have transparent background. You can find a lot of crosshairs files on Google.

Example ARK Custom crosshair

2. Custom Desktop Logo

Download and install Custom Desktop logo.

  • Launch it and you should see an icon in your system tray (right bottom). Right click and select "Settings".
  • Click "Change image folder" and navigate to the folder with crosshair you downloaded.
  • Go to "Location" tab and select Centre display location. If your crosshair isn't perfectly in the middle, you can change the location offset below.
  • Go to "Size" tab and choose how big your crosshair should be.

3. Change ARK crosshair settings

Open ARK and disable "Allow Crosshair" setting.

ARK Crosshair settings

You should see your new crosshair working now. If you don't - go to settings tab and check if your crosshair is on the top z level. Check if you have your ARK in fullscreen mode.

Crosshair comparaison
Crosshair comparaison